Boredom…is that what it is…

Sometimes…I find it challenging in my job to stay lively. Like, sometimes, when we are sitting in the same spot, with the same toys for hours and hours, I just…I feel bored. Or what I’d call bored…meaning, I don’t feel energy to try and do something different and sometimes I just say whatever words come to mind, so the kiddles are hearing English, but they’re usually entertaining themselves.

12 hours is a long day trying to be engaging and speaking a lot.

Sometimes I wonder about my eating choices in relation to boredom too. Like, for me, boredom usually feels like…low energy or suppressed somehow. Or more like, “meh” or “blah” feeling. Like today after lunch, I ate a donut. It was a 5 day old donut and tasted fine, but…did I really need it? Really? No.

I noticed that I look to food to change how I feel…sometimes to my detriment because my body does not like it. In the place I’m in now, I eat a lot of cooked food. I’d say maybe 5% of the food that I eat is fresh, and that’s pretty much the avocado (yum!)

Yesterday I ate out twice…for breakfast and for dinner. I hate an omelette, which was pretty delicious for breakfast, and for dinner, I ate at Crepes and Waffles, a Colombian restaurant chain (that I discovered in Medellin) but that is also here! It was actually so gooood. I asked for spinach with the salad that came with the 3 cheese crepe. Plus, avocado. It was so delicious. Earlier, I’d eaten a double scoop of gelato: coffee and ferrero. So good. I was praying to my gut, please please please be okay eating this gelato. And it was…

Until I got home. I think it was more the combo of the food that I ate. My stomach and intestines were not happy and I had some painful moments. But, besides being super bloated/inflamed, today has been okay. I’m going to have my usual “sychronizada” for dinner (cheese and turkey ham quesadilla) with avocado. Mmmm…

And it’s ready! A not-so-deep blog for today. Going to watch some deep TV viewing…of “Suits”. Ha. xo



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