What causes your emotions? And other light questions…

It’s interesting to think about. I mean, Where do our emotions come from? Is it like a feeling in our bodies and then we associate it with something and give meaning to it? Or the more popular and less self-responsible, “you did this to me and made me feel bad”?

It’s a fascinating thing to think about. I believe our emotions are connected to our minds…if we just felt emotions on their own, it would be like any other body sensation. It’s not until we put meaning on it that it makes it forceful.

In my class tonight we were talking about emotions and how they work. Like, when I have an idea of how I want the world to be and then the world is like that, I feel positive emotions. The further away my idea is how the world should be and how the world actually is, often is when I’m the most upset.

We talked about the “fight or flight” mechanism that we all innately have. It’s interesting because, with the “fight” reaction, it’s linked to anger (or a form of anger) where we feel like we can change the situation by our words/actions. Whereas the flight reaction is a fear reaction. “Get away from whatever it is that’s going on”. All linked to self-preservation.

Then we talked about sadness. When do we feel sadness? What is it about the situation that I choose to feel sad versus others may feel angry, or even happy? For me, I feel sad when I feel like I can’t change the situation. I feel like this is how it is and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Because I can hear a baby crying right now, I was thinking…when babies cry, it’s more of a direct reaction. Like, they aren’t necessarily making meaning of something…more likely, they feel uncomfortable to whatever degree and they know that if they cry, (especially in this situation), that someone will come running. These babies have us very well-trained.

Someone pointed that out to me…like, when we smile at babies and they smile back…perhaps it gets to a point where they do something (like smile or laugh etc) because they know the reaction it’s going to get out of us. They questioned, Who’s training who? Ha.

Emotions though…sometimes I feel like they rule me…like I am not choosing to feel what I feel. How about if that’s not true? How about if we are choosing every single way that we react to things? (sometimes unconsciously, of course, but that’s more about building awareness).

I find that it’s so easy to blame how we feel on other people or circumstances. The proof that we are choosing is the fact that not everybody reacts the same way. Due to our background, past experiences etc, we make choices about how we react to each scenario.

It’s empowering to think that, ya? Hmm…more to ponder…xo



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