One glazed, one chocolate, some gum…

That’s what it took to get me through 3 hours of admin work today. I was thinking, How do people do it? All. Day. Long. Staring at the computer screen. And sitting.

Here, we eat lunch late. So, I ate lunch at about 3:30pm. I literally ate lunch, then sat here working on this, and now it’s dinner. 8:30pm.

I probably do not need to eat again. Haha. But, I will.

I had pizza that was leftover from last night for lunch, along with some soup. Then two Krispy Kreme donuts (damn my boss for loving them and always having them in the house!) And chewed quite a bit of gum. All the while, dry coughing a lot. <sigh>

I can’t WAIT until this heals! My throat is so sore.

I was being so good too…I wasn’t eating sugary stuff, and if it did have sugar, it was “natural” sugars, like honey or maple syrup. But, sitting here at my computer doing this menial, mind-numbing work, I…couldn’t help myself. I wanted a pick-me-up treat to keep me going.

And thus, the cycle continues!!! I definitely live my life in terms of a reward system. Like, I set things that I’m looking forward to.

Someone was talking to me about how, ideally, we’d enjoy every moment of our lives. Really experiencing our lives. That sounds amazing to me, but somehow out of reach. I guess it’s because how I’ve been living my life is not like that, so the idea of living it differently seems strange. Ha.

Anyway, I’m going to have my bite to eat for dinner, and then go upstairs and watch “Suits”. It’s funny…after doing work like that, I feel like I need to chill out. Oh, me, oh my. Tomorrow is a new day! xo



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