If you didn’t think it could get any worse…

It can.

Lesson learned: Never ask the question, Can it get any worse? Because, it’s basically inviting things to get worse. If, in that moment, you are thinking, My goodness…I am at rock bottom and can’t imagine this going more horribly than it already is…well, expand your mind and horizons! It can!

And, it can get better, using the same perspective. Sometimes, we are so stuck (and by we, I mean ME in this particular case) in our own frustration and rage that we can’t take a step back to see the bigger picture and look at options.

This was me today. As you may have read in a previous blog post, I (unfortunately) bank with TD. I had a very bad experience where an employee told me incorrect information about two different things in the same phone call, and the spiralling effects of their deception have gone on and on and on.

Summary: Told me I needed to change my credit card because the one I have is being discontinued. I told her I’m out of the country and had not planned on that. She said that I have to or TD will cancel my credit card and send me a random one that they choose (incorrect). I said, That can’t happen! I need my credit card while I’m out of the country etc. So, she said she’d help me choose a new one and would send it to my friend who can then bring it to me (incorrect). After spending about 3 hours on the phone talking to about 3 different reps, re-explaining every time because their system kept dropping my call, I found out that there was a new development.

The card that was sent to my friend? They can’t pick it up. I am suppose to pick it up. But, I am in a different country and will not be going to where they are. Also, the bank said they’d cancel that one which was sent and send me a new one where I actually am (or try to). I called to get the tracking # this morning (as they told me to do), except, No. That is not what happened. I spent another 3 hours on the phone (thank God for my amazing phone plan!!!), talking to 3 more people. Turns out, the card sent to my friend is the only replacement one that I get and if that card doesn’t get to me, with 21 days, then my card will be canceled and I will have no way of getting my credit card. And to top it OFF, the card sent to my friend is a live card, meaning that anybody could open it and use it. So, what does some other TD employee do (WITHOUT telling me)? They BLOCK the card. In that moment, I didn’t have ANY working credit card. And no communication about what they’re doing behind my back.

I felt so helpless and therefore very frustrated. I’m in a foreign country and people at a bank I’ve been with for over 20 years are not only NOT trying to help me, but are making things much worse. It wasn’t until I spoke to someone in the credit card department later who managed to Unblock my card for now.

The part where, when I took a step back and looked at the options, is that…I called the post office to see if someone else could pick it up. They were actually quite helpful (and I hope they are still helpful tomorrow) and said, Sure. Give me their name! Next step, was trying to find someone who would be willing to pick it up and then bring it to another person, who would then eventually bring it to where I am!! I think I found someone! Yay!

But, wait…they probably can’t pick it up tomorrow! Why? Because a huge snowstorm is blowing in and apparently nobody is going to leave their homes. Ay Dios. Universe, must you challenge me so much?!

I feel a bit bad…where I live, I was on the phone with the bank in the eating room, while eating lunch (by myself, always) and I’m pretty sure my voice became quite raised while talking to the bank people. Then I felt bad and worried about that for the rest of the night, but Hey…I’m human. If it was too loud, someone come and tell me, right?

I decided to drown my sorrows shopping. Great idea, right? Ah, habits die hard. I really wanted a distraction and I had some things that I wanted to check out.

I also went and bought the over $50 worth of meds that I have to take (again). I went to the doctor to get checked again re: throat ulcers and he says they’re pretty much gone, but to be sure, he prescribed me even more antibiotics and anti-flammatories (than he originally prescribed!) and a nasal spray for fun.

Today was a tough day and I’m rambling and complaining and I think it’s time to go to bed. Sometimes, ya just need to get into bed and sleep. After I figure out when I’m taking all of these pills! Oy! G’night! xo



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