Reminder to self: compassion, compassion, compassion…

The last few days I’ve had some big challenges with my bank, TD.

I called in to their EasyLine to set up a basic transfer. While I was speaking to the woman on the phone, she said, Did you know that your type of credit card is being discontinued and that you need to choose a new one within 25 days, or your card will be canceled and TD will randomly pick one for you? I said, WHAT?! I didn’t hear anything about this!! I asked, Are you sure it’s not just for new customers? Like new customers can’t get that card, but people who currently have the card can keep it. She said, No no. You need to choose a new card or TD will do it for you.

Well, as you may know from other posts…I’m not in my home country. So…if my credit card gets canceled without me knowing it, that would be a huge hit in so many ways, not to mention that you can’t send mail to this country…it gets stuck at the border or/and doesn’t arrive at all.

I panicked. What do I do??? So, I desperately searched through the credit cards they have to offer and chose one. I preferred to stay with the one I have and I said it quite a few times, but she insisted, No. It will be canceled. So, fearfully, I believed her, chose a new card and then figured out a convoluted way to get it to me, via sending it to someone’s house in the U.S. who I’d then see within a week or so. After an hour on the phone, it was all set up.

Then today, I had a feeling…like, really…really I can’t keep the card I have? Not only would it be so much simpler because I already have the card, but I’d also like to keep this particular card. So, I called in again.

Yep. Turns out the woman had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, or she did and she gets commission or something on me changing cards. I could have kept it. I also found out, it has to be shipped to me directly and I have to sign for it. So, my idea of sending it somewhere else won’t work.

At this point, I am in a foreign country and after 25 days will likely not have a working credit card that I can use. So frustrated.

I was trying to remind myself…we are all human. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s hard…because I feel so frustrated and angry that by this woman’s ignorance or malice, I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to figure it out with no good solution. Customer Service insists that it can’t just keep me on the card. “There’s no way to do it in the system.”

There’s always a way though. Maybe they can’t do it and their manager can’t do it…but someone can. So frustrating.

This happened recently when I put money on the Pay-As-You-Go phone that I’m using here. The man put the wrong plan on, but then couldn’t reverse it. So then I had to spend more of my time and effort to fix his mistake later.

Honestly, I find that customer service, more and more is becoming not very skilled. I know I’m basing this on 3 recent experiences, but it seems to keep happening. The customer service person makes a mistake and then I’m the one who has to pay for their mistake. Rogers customer service is a HUGE example of this. I can’t even tell you how many times they’ve failed.

In good faith, I’d like to believe that these people are genuinely trying to help but are just not that knowledgable.

At the end of the day, I know it feels better to have compassion for people than to be super angry at them. Because the anger isn’t going to change anything at this point. It is what it is.

I’m going to have to figure out more options. At this point, I’m a bit stumped, but hopefully I’ll figure something out! xo



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