One pill, two pills, baking soda too!

Being sick is never fun. I had no idea just how many types of infections there are!!!!

And, coming from a family that is quite natural (like, Fisherman’s friends are the strongest thing that I’d normally use when I have a cold), taking all of these drugs has got me thinking…

I’m glad that there are options for taking different things. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d tried the natural route here. How long it would take to heal, if at all! Tonight I’m going to take some good ol’ cough drop type pill with benzocaine! Whoo hoo!

The doctor said, Don’t worry if your tongue goes numb. It’s normal. Hopefully my throat will go numb too! 3rd world countries though…non-regulated drugs at the picking! I mean, it’s regulated, but not as much as Canada, that’s for sure!

So, we shall see. I’m praying to goodness that this lozenge helps me sleep because I sure would love to be able to sleep tonight!!!! Without all of this constant coughing. Hack hack hack.

I think my brain needs some recuperation time still. So tired. Pray with me to the Sleep Gods that they may help me sleep this night and the nights forthcoming! If it takes numbing my tongue to get my throat feeling better, so be it! xo



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