Coughing your brains out, or so it feels…

Went to the doctor today after 4 days of a very persistent cough which has not been allowing me to sleep.

It has been horrible.

And not just the cough, I’ve also had a sore throat, hurting eyes, headaches, tension in my head and neck , hot and cold chills, aches in my legs and an overall body exhaustion.

Well, turns out…I have throat ulcers. What??!! I didn’t even think of that. I am not a doctor, so why would I think that I may have thought of that?! Hahah. Most likely a combo of eating spicy foods (guilty) and also acid reflux (because it was the worst at night). Apparently I have two long lesions in my throat. (Scary!)

When googling about it, it also says that it could be a result of herpes, Candida (yeast), human papilloma virus…and there’s also a longer list of things.

I’m going to see the doctor again on Monday to see if the plethora of medications that I was prescribed worked.

He prescribed me an antibiotic to take for 5 days, an anti-inflammatory to take for 10 days, gargling 4 times a day with sodium bicarbonate and…a good ol’ injection in the bum. Say what??

Yep. Welcome to 3rd world countries where generally you can buy an injection at the pharmacy and then have someone inject it for you. Hopefully someone who knows what they’re doing! In my case…

Well, we went to the pharmacy to buy all of the stuff. They didn’t have anybody there who could do it. Then we went to another pharmacy in another area. The doctor had left. But then…the lady who works in that pharmacy said, You know what? There’s a woman who lives like half a block away and she knows how to do injections. Is she a nurse, I ask. Yes yes.

So, I wander up the street, hoping to encounter this brown coloured door that she’s talking about. Fortunately, I did understand the instructions. An older gentleman opened the door and I said, Hello! Is there anybody here that’s a nurse that knows how to do injections? (How sketchy is that?! Haha). He says, she’s not a nurse, but she knows how to do injections. So, I enter into their home. Into their dining room where there’s also a couch. I tell the lovely gentlewoman that I have never had a shot in the bum before. She says, Don’t worry! As she’s getting the needle ready, I happen to see it…it was pretty big! Probably the size of my pinkie finger. Note: the only needles I ever see are the shorter ones that my Nonna uses for her diabetes. So for me, it was big!!

I laid down, face down on her couch, she swabbed by butt a bit and plunged it in. The initial entry pinched but then it was over. Hopefully it was stabbed into the correct spot (intramuscular…intermuscular? Same thing?) And now to start the antiobiotics, the anti-inflammatory and the gargling. My goal tonight is that I have a great sleep!!!!

Here’s hoping! I hope to heal myself up quickly and from now on I will be very aware of the balance of acidic foods that I’m eating. Looking back at the night I got sick, had I known that I had throat ulcers, then I wouldn’t have eaten the spinach and ricotta ravioli with pesto sauce, as well as the pieces of bread dipped in this delicious, a bit spicy, garlic oil sauce. Also, I had a whiskey honey drink. Mmmm. And earlier in the day, I’m pretty sure I drank some juices. No more juices for me.

Let’s see if I make it to 11pm so I can take my every 8 hours pill and again at 7am. Better than up at 6am. :-O xo



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