Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to…

Sicky McSickerson. I’m sick. And, since living here, I get sick so often. Usually it is gut issues, but sometimes, like today, it’s feeling really weak, a bit light-headed, hot and cold (but mostly cold), achy body (especially my legs) and so, so tired. Also, a sore throat and coughing.

That’s one thing about Canada that I miss…if you’re feeling sick, you can go to the walk-in clinic and see a doctor who will give you a better informed opinion than Google will.

I have a guess that I may have low blood pressure and that is adding to the feeling. I’m not sure though.

One of the things about getting older that I find so challenging…our bodies generally are breaking down more. When I was younger, I rarely got sick. Especially not puking sick. Maybe one cold per year?

In the last year here, I’ve had various colds, but moreso gut issues, nausea, puking and feeling so weak etc. Perhaps it’s the altitude adding to it? I’m not sure. It makes it hard to do what I’m doing though…hanging with babies takes quite a bit of energy.

Thus, today I say, Appreciate your health! We forget how awesome it is to be healthy until we are not. Take care of yourself! xo



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