Staring at a computer screen…

And it really feels like my brain is melting (or how I might imagine that would feel, because fortunately I have not had that actual experience).

I’m doing some admin work on my computer and it is indeed mind-numbing. Staring at the screen, looking at other screens, trying to figure things out, while sitting on my butt for 3.5 hours straight. Not to mention my eyes. They say, it’s good to look up every now and then and focus on things that are further away, so that your eyes don’t get too weak staring at a screen close up.

How do people do it? I have worked in an office at a computer all day, and I hated it. Fortunately this admin stuff is a side thing, but…it’s still exhausting.

I wonder…when we are growing up, as kids, we have all of these fanciful ideas about what we want to be when we grow up. They are jobs that we’ve heard of because someone in our family has that job or we’ve heard of people talking about it. But, the reality is, there are SO many different jobs in the world that we have never even heard of.

When I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was torn between my dad’s suggestion that I go out in the world and work until I figure out what I wanted to do in school. And my grandparents (and thereby my mom’s) opinion that I go to university and get a degree.

I chose the university route, having absolutely no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was the first person on both sides of my family to go to university and so there wasn’t really any guidance as to what I might study. So, I chose languages because I was good at Spanish in high school and I found it interesting.

I ended up majoring in Spanish literature, while also studying French for 2 years, Italian for 3 years and German for one year. In 3rd year, I thought, What am I going to do with a degree in languages? Nothing. So, I decided to go into education. Which meant that I needed to do a teachable minor. I chose English. I finished my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Spanish, and a minor in English. And that summer, I went traveling in Europe. Whilst in Granada, Spain, I got an email from my mom that the Education department wanted to get a hold of me and I called and found out that I’d gotten into the BEd. program.

I thought teaching might be cool because it wasn’t a job where you sit at a desk. It seemed like it would be interesting.

It is a LOT of hard work. When you’re starting out as a teacher, you really need to love it in order to persevere, because it becomes your entire Life, pretty much. I chose to go and teach in Korea right after graduating because I wanted a change of scenery. I felt a bit stuck back home.

Korea definitely “mixed it up”. It’s a totally different world from what I was use to and on top of that, I couldn’t speak the language and was thrown together with a group of people that I wouldn’t necessarily interact with.

After building some character in that adventure, I came back home and wanted nothing to do with teaching. So, I worked random admin and as a temp office worker. It was horrible. Tonight has been kind of a glimpse back to how it felt for those 2.5 years before deciding to utilize my degree.

I started substitute teaching. I did it for 10 years. It was okay, overall. I liked that it varied and I was usually on my feet and “on my toes” in each classroom. I liked that each day was different. Of course, there were cons to that (and also the inconsistency of whether I’d get work or not). For 4 of those subbing years, I also went back into acting and was auditioning and taking classes etc. That was definitely an adventure too!

I was ready for another change. And that’s how I ended up being with babies for 2 years.

I’m not sure what my next step will be in this job journey, but I’m open to options. A former co-worker asked me to endorse her on LinkedIn and I thought, that’s a great idea…why not update my profile? And see, with my skills, what options of career that I might have!

My job trajectory has been anything but conventional, but I like that it has been an adventure, many times rife with adversity. Building character though, right? I hope so. I feel like I should have a lot of character by now. Hahaha.

Anything but a job where I sit, staring at a computer screen all day. 😉 xo




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