Never opened myself this way…

Metallica. It was great!!! I mean, we were in the best section of the stadium (on the floor) and pretty close to the stage. They put on an awesome show…full of energy and really rocked!

I saw them in 2008 too. I think that I preferred the 2008 show, but there were a few influencing factors: 1) we had been drinking, so that may have altered my perception at the time; 2) there was no smoking cigarettes really and no beer throwing; 3) we were super close on the floor.

In terms of the actual musical show, this time they played quite a few of their new songs, but since I haven’t listened to the album, I didn’t know them. It’s pretty hard-core like…heavy metal style. I like their older stuff the best. “Enter Sandman” is still my very favourite song of all time. I love it. Such great guitar riffs etc. Unfortunately this show had distractions: they threw us HUGE, big white balls to hit around. I found it distracted me from the awesome performance! “Nothing Else Matters”was right before “Enter Sandman”. Great, great show!

Biggest downside is how far away it is and also how long it took to get home (even after being driven). It took almost 2 hours from the end of the concert time until I got home.

So now, it’s after 3am and time to sleep! Now I lay me down to sleep…xo



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