Bad habits are habits for a reason…

Because I have made them that way. <sigh>

You ever have those moments where you feel hopeful…hopeful that you’re going to start making different choices and start building a better life for yourself? Ya. I have those moments too, and then I spend 2 hours on Facebook and searching up mindless junk that has absolutely no bearing on me as a person or my life. <double sigh>

It’s definitely how my life has gotten to where it is…I’m not unhappy per se (last year was a difficult year, but 2017 so far has been fine), but I’m also not super happy either. I’m not consistently pursuing what I want in life.

The difference is, even though I fell off the horse tonight, I can get right back on tomorrow! Start doing the things that are important to me!!!

Although, a part of me wants to go shopping. Where I live has gotten quite hot right now and because wearing shorts is not socially acceptable (and I also am lazy to shave my legs), I figure that I’d like to get myself a few nice pairs of light pants, as well as a few blousy shirts. And maybe…a rocker t-shirt or something to wear to Metallica tomorrow night!!!!

Side segway: METALLICA!!! I think I’ll listen to “Enter Sandman” while I type…one moment…

Oh man…I wonder how it’s going to be tomorrow night. But…when I hear this song, I just freaking love it. So much.

I just had a thought (oh man, I am old)…I am in floor seats and I just worried that it’s going to be too crazy and that there might be a mosh pit or something. Hm. Honestly, as long as I get to hear “Enter Sandman”, I will be happy. I am also wondering if the group that I’m with will want to leave early (according to their setlists, they’ve been playing it as an encore).


Tomorrow night I will post about that experience!!! It’s way on the other side of the city, so that may be a bit of a gong show. May it be a gloriously awesome day! 🙂 xo



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