Where have all of the good ideas gone?

Earlier I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about tonight and, disappointingly, I cannot remember!!

Instead, I stayed out later than I should have with friends here from out of town, struggled with Uber (again), came home, got ready for bed, made a Ryan Gosling collage for my WhatsApp movie group (where the dudes were putting pictures of him from a movie where he looks like he’s balding and lives in a dirty trailer) and then finally decided to stop distracting myself and write something.

I could write about the Best Picture Oscar announcement gaffe (was it planned? Was it an honest mistake? Emma Stone’s backstage interview was kind of how I was feeling too).

Or, should I write about how I’m still distracting myself and not getting my sh*t together and when will that happen?

OR, about how sometimes it’s hard to relate to people…and how I struggle between wanting people to like me and wondering why I’m hanging out with them…kind of. Wednesday will be the test though…I’m hanging out with a few people that I feel intimidated by…we’ll see. We are hanging out as people though, not as the skills hierarchy in the group I’m a part of, so remember that!

And now…it’s time to sleep so that I’m not a zombie tomorrow.

And, good night! xo



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