Drawing a blank…

I have committed to myself that I’ll blog every day, but sometimes I sit down…I look at the Oscars Red Carpet outfits…I putter on Facebook…I check texts and emails and…then when it comes time to write something, I’m thinking…what to write about?

Do I want to talk about how I fall back into old habits so quickly sometimes? (like I am still noticing that I act awkwardly around my boss…le sigh).

Do I want to talk about the never-ending struggle with money and how I don’t live within my means? And that I’m entitled and don’t track it well.

Or, do I want to talk about how some songs I feel like I can connect to and have meaning for me (like Scars to Your Beautiful or Breathe-2am). I was singing in the shower tonight and those songs are so great.

I’m sure there are a plethora of things to write (type?) about at all times.

Tonight, I’m drawn to the music. I haven’t really sung in quite a long time. I was being fairly consistent for a while about a year ago, but it’s been hard with my current lifestyle. Tonight I decided to put on Spotify on my Bluetooth speaker and much singing in the shower happened. I have a list of songs that are Songs to Sing. As aforementioned, Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara is on there. Man, that chica is rocking it! I don’t know if she has help writing her songs…she does. But, she takes part in writing them. Her lyrics are so great. I admire that, especially because she’s so young! And what a voice.

There’s also Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick on the playlist. I don’t connect to every line of that song, but there are a few parts that I like particularly.

Then there’s “Stand by You” by the Pretenders. A great one. Also, “The Distance” by Cake. Excellent. I was thinking, how could I do a different version of that one. I just watched part of a cover on YouTube…wow, some people have amazing acoustic guitar skills.

There are so many amazing songs in the world…the question is, what do I want to work on and sing next? Exciting! xo



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