Is beauty important?

It’s funny because I feel like the knee-gut reaction is that we want to say, Nooooo…it’s in the eye of the beholder! But, the reality is…in my opinion, beauty is important in our society. But, the bigger questions are, a) What is beauty? b) Will it make you happy?

Seriously. I think a lot of us believe that it will get us things and that will make us happy. For example, I know a woman who is beautiful. A former model and actress, she has been married since she was 15, briefly single and then an older, wealthy man swept her off of her feet. Since then, she has never had to worry about money. She also gave up her acting/modelling life to become a mother. But, she told me that it’s still tricky. It may seem that being taken care of for the rest of your life and never having to worry about money…and being beautiful…and having beautiful children…and having a husband you love is the ultimate life. Traveling the world, taking whatever courses you want, going wherever you want with whoever you want…that sounds 100% the best to me.

But it can be tricky…you may lose your independence. Your life can start to revolve around your husband and running his household and then around your kids and helping shape their lives. I, personally, have absolutely no idea what it’s like on all fronts. But, it still seems like it has its amazing perks.

Thinking about my life where I’m struggling to pay off my huge debt, I am single (and thus have no prospect of having children), I am working in a job that’s fine for now but isn’t going anywhere, where my beauty fades as I am getting older…I feel like, her life seems so great.

Now, did she initially get that option because she’s beautiful? Maybe. I think, personally, that her personality and disposition are very attractive too. But, I know other women who seem to attract these lifestyles with these wealthy men because they are beautiful and slim etc. And, who knows, perhaps they have arrangements with their husbands that as long as they and their children are taken care of, then they can go off with whatever woman they’d like. And they can too.

In many ways, it sounds pretty ideal to me! I feel like I could never attract that situation. A part of me would like to be independent and make my own living, but another part of me would want to live these types of lives. I don’t know. I don’t have the direct experience, so really it’s rose-coloured glasses at this point. But, it gets me thinking.

Sometimes, it feels like beauty opens doors. We know that men are generally quite visual, so beauty matters to them more than it does to women.

I know there’s no sense dwelling on it, because it is not my reality, but sometimes…my imagination carries away and I wonder…what would that be like? Hm…xo




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