Part Deux: here we gooooo…

So, tomorrow I start Part 2 of the course that I’m taking. We will see how it goes! I’m not sure what to expect really. Last time I took Part 1, I got really sick and for one full day, was so out of it.

Tonight, we had a get-together because it’s two groups coming together for part 2. I noticed that my stomach start feeling a bit…churning a bit, but that I was okay. We had some finger food at the venue. I don’t think I ate anything today that I shouldn’t have.

I am going to take care of myself as best as I can! Making sure that I go right to sleep. That I eat well. Notice when I want to shove a bunch of dessert in my mouth when I don’t need to!

I am wondering…how the coffee almond milk drinks will be. I wonder if caffeine triggers a reaction in my gut. I think if I drink it slowly throughout the day, it’ll be okay. After I finish this, it’s ready for bed and zzzzz.

The course I’m taking could fall under the umbrella of personal growth course: it challenges me to think about things and to think about what I think about things and to try on different viewpoints and perspectives. From the last one I took, I feel like…I am getting to know myself better and really, for me, that is the ultimate goal. To accept myself fully and completely as I am, and letting go of wanting affirmation from others.

Personal growth is interesting because sometimes we have a hard time measuring the growth. I think it’s important to go in with a goal and then see how I feel about that goal at the end. My goal for this round is: letting go of the need for affirmation…from certain people in the course, especially. Work on ❤ for me. Sounds easy, but…it’s a challenge for me. Work it! 🙂 xo



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