Small steps…

It’s funny…I love riding my bike and I love swimming, but I forget how much I love it until I do it again.

That’s kind of how it feels to get things done too. When I have a bunch of things that I want to get done, and I get them done…it feels so good! Usually, I struggle with the motivation to do it and getting sucked into Facebook/Instagram/Netflix. It’s like with the bike riding and swimming…I forget how good it feels until I do it again.

I think the key is to connect to that feeling and practice it, so that I remind myself in those unmotivated moments. Imagine how good it would feel to be consistent…for me, in exercise, in eating well, in taking care of myself in general and doing things that I love.

My first small step today was to delete the Facebook and Instagram apps off of my phone. I can still check Facebook on my computer, but then it means when I’m out, instead of puttering on these apps, I’m doing something else…perhaps enjoying what I’m doing and being in the moment!

Then I went around my neighbourhood and checked out exercise options. I made a plan to try them out! Which, I’m excited about because there are a couple that look promising!

When I start taking the small steps to shaping my life the way that I want it, it feels great!!!

What small step will you take toward how you want your life to be? Small step. Gets the ball rolling, as they say! xo



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