Random thoughts in 3, 2, 1…

Ever find that when you eat sometimes, that you want more? (I know, I know…every meal). I just ate dinner and I feel like I could eat more but then I was questioning…should I wait? Because they say that’s why it’s good to eat slower because you won’t feel the fullness of what you’ve eaten right away if you eat fast and then you think that you’re still hungry. I definitely ate enough. And I passed on the donuts and macaroons (donuts are pretty stale now and the macaroons…I had one earlier…but inspired to eat more. Actually, I think they should be put in the fridge as they are getting stale). Okay, DONE. In the fridge!

You know what else is in the fridge? 5 different cakes!!! OMG. A chocolate one from someone’s birthday, a fig cheesecake, a caramel looking one, a chocolate with lots of whipped cream topping one and another one that I don’t remember. I think we have major sweet teeth in this house. So dangerous!!!

Also, kudos to people who spend their whole day staring at the computer. I just spent 2 hours sorting out and organizing spreadsheets (that others left a disorganized mess, unfortunately) and my eyes and brain feel fried. Ugh. I’m going to finish this piece of cake and watch some “Good Wife” to recuperate…;) Haha. But seriously, I’m so glad that I have a job that does not involve sitting in one place, staring at a computer screen all day. Kids keep you moving!

It’s so funny because…I realize just what a privileged life I life…staring at computer screens…too many cakes…sugar addiction…

There are people in the world that don’t know if they will have any food or water tomorrow. It’s pretty crazy, the disparity in the world. I remember reading the articles about the former Uruguayan president who came from humble means and was very down to earth. Wouldn’t that be nice if we had leaders of our countries like that? Ones that might actually understand and relate to the everyman? Not ones who live in gold-plated houses, always interested in money for themselves. It’s a funny thing when poor people vote in really rich people to run their country. Why? Why would you ever think that’s a good idea for you? I don’t understand.

Anyway, that’s all for random thoughts tonight. I’m going to finish these last few bites of cake and head on up to Netflix and chill…by myself. Party animal! xo





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