All you need is a nice, long shower, a delicious salad, a scrumptious cookie and to watch an episode of “The Good Wife” to change how you feel.

Today was tiring. I think that the amounts of sweets that I eat, combined with the not-much sleep that I get, probably does not help me to be at my best while working. Time to step that up, for sure.

Tomorrow is a full day of stuff that I don’t really want to do or have been putting off. Why do we think that’s a good idea, anyway? Like, it’s a good idea to put everything off until it all accumulates and needs to be done. Like tonight it would have been smarter for me to fold and put away all of my laundry instead of watching The Good Wife. Ah, well.

Tomorrow is a new day. One small step at a time. I’m going to get a decent amount of sleep. Buenas noches! xo



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