It’s the years of Twins!

I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, or if people are actually all having twins nowadays!!!

Personally, I know of 2 sets of parents who are pregnant with twins right now (I think that one of them was random, the other chosen via IVF). I’m also hearing about so many people getting pregnant with twins.

Then there’s Beyonce’s announcement. Then we hear about how Amal Clooney, that guy George’s wife, is also pregnant with twins!

I take care of twins. And it’s interesting because…I imagine a lot of people are doing what these twins parent did…designer babies!!!

Did you know that you can choose the gender of your baby before the egg is even implanted??? I thought that was so crazy! So, if you want twins, you can choose that one of them be a boy and the other a girl. Or two girls! Or two boys!

I wonder why so many people want twins. My sisters are twins. As their older sibling, it was hard being around them growing up (and even now sometimes). They are constantly ganging up on whoever it is that one of them is against. If I’d be arguing with one of them, the other one would chime in. I’d say, I’m not TALKING TO YOU. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. But it didn’t matter. My sisters are the closest and the bestest of friends, and also the biggest antagonizers of each other. They even co-own a condo together. And live there with one of their boyfriends. And their dog. I joke that the one sister’s boyfriend is pretty much both of their boyfriend except he only sleeps with one of them.

Since I’m so much older than them, I felt like an only child quite often. And very lonely. Then they had the opposite experience in life.

The twins I’m with now…they’re only one year old, so who knows how it’ll be once they’re older, but right now they don’t seem to be very attached to each other. They don’t really play with each other (they usually are playing with us, so perhaps that’s why they don’t think to interact with each other). In fact, when they do interact with each other, it’s usually to hit each other (or one of them even bites! 😦 Or whining when the other is with their dad.

Personally, I would not want to be the mother of twins. It’s a heck of a lot of work (having had a taste of it with my sisters and now). Things like one wakes up and is crying, thus waking the other up crying. And mainly, running after two at the same time. I can’t imagine how a single parent of twins does it (like my dad did for a while when they were little babies). Once my sisters were older, my mom was the main person single parenting them, but at least it wasn’t at the stage of screaming and crying (in quite the same way, anyway).

I was reading some books once about identical twins and their connection, whether they like it or not. It was fascinating. My sisters are apparently technically identical twins (although, they are not…they have physical features that are different). Apparently it has something to do with when the eggs separated. Fraternal twins tend not to have the same connection, in the same way. I had a really hard time relating to my sisters because they were so attached to each other and how they interacted was often quite abusive (screaming etc). Reading about it helped me to kind of understand better where that co-dependence comes from.

Twin-pidemic! We’ll see how many more twins are born in the next few years! It’s a trend! xo



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