Work hard for my money…

My mom just messaged me saying something about “working hard for my money” and, of course, the song popped into my head. Haha.

Do you work hard for your money? I mean, how is that even evaluated?? Who decides what working hard is? Is it about the feeling you get? Some people may think that their jobs, 9-5pm sitting at a toll both is hard work, when others working 7am-10pm, cleaning and scrubbing, would say that’s hard work. It’s all subjective, I suppose.

I was having a moment of feeling good with myself. In my opinion, I’m quite a good planner. I was sorting some hours for something and needing to move things around to make them balanced and I totally did! I’m pretty good at travel planning as well.

Lightbulb! Something cool about traveling nowadays…if you unlock your cell phone, you can go to many different countries and buy a SIM card while you’re there, and then have use of a cell phone. I find it’s so handy!

Back to work…

I mean, what constitutes “work”? Is it if you’re getting paid to do something? Is it if you don’t like doing it? Like house work…

Merriam Webster’s first definition of work (as a noun) is, “sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result”. Sounds pretty good to me. And sometimes you get paid for it!

I have yet to find a job that I feel passionate and fulfilled doing it. Granted, when I was an actor, that was probably the closest thing. Although, at the level I was at, it wasn’t that creatively fulfilling. Definitely interesting though.

Still trying to figure out what my future holds in terms of making a living.

It is interesting to be here because many of the people that I hang out with and know here are from wealthy families. The lifestyles are insane here, compared to what I’m use to. It’s common practice to have a cook and cleaner in the house. Many children, whether male or female, move out of the house closer to their late 20s or when they get married. They can have professional, well-paying jobs, and still be living at home. And, of course, they don’t have to worry about having food made or cleaning the house, because that’s all done for them!

Very interesting.

Do you love what you do for a living? I wish it for all of us! xo



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