Politically (in)correct…

Most of my Facebook Newsfeed is filled with things relating to Trump and the decisions he’s made since becoming President.

I find it hard to know what is true and what is overblown, fearmongering when I see and read these things.

I do know that treating people with respect, regardless of the melanin in their skin or the religion they choose to follow. That is one of the biggest points of why I’d never support Trump or his followers.

First of all, I cannot believe that the host of a reality TV show is the person who has the most powerful position in the world. That is so scary to me. Especially because he is the ultimate role model for the world. And he is a horrible role model.

Anybody who supports the “white people are better” mentality is just so…like, think about it…it is a GENETIC thing…you can’t control it. It doesn’t reflect on who you are as a person. What it reflects is literally the melanin in your skin. That is a ridiculous way to judge people.

But moreso, hearing the stories about people being detained at the border…of people’s phones being taken away if they have anything on them making fun of Trump. This type of controlling people who have different opinions than them…it is scary and sickening. It instils a level of fear and despair that I can’t even put into words.

I don’t think I was even aware that I was feeling this so much. The pure and simple bullying that Trump has done is reprehensible. It is UNACCEPTABLE. As a human being, nevermind as the President of the United States of America. I deplore bullying. When someone suppresses someone else, just because they want to or are fearful.

Where is the empathy and compassion? The few people on my Facebook feed that are Trump supporters…it seems like they lack that. Their reasons for voting for him (that he’s pro-life and another because they think economically he’ll get the country in shape)…those reasons are not good enough to justify all of the vicious crap he’s doing.

A man that responds to people dissing him on Twitter…WTF? Seriously. This is the kind of man you want running the most powerful country in the world?


It is frightening. I fear deeply for the United States and the rest of the world, because we are all affected by that country’s decisions.

I hope that the force of good prevails in this and that the hateful people who support this realize how mean they are being. That it affects them in some way…that they meet one of the human beings detained at the airports. That they be affected by a situation where an abortion would be needed.

Let us all build our empathy. I have a hard time being empathetic to Donald Trump and his supporters because most of what I’ve seen is so hateful and racist. I have yet to see something good come from his administration.

The people who are religious and claim that this is okay. You are not a Christian. In the Christian faith, it says to love thy neighbour. A true Christian welcomes people who are different from them with compassion and love. I call bullshit on those people who claim to be faithful on one hand, and persecute others on the other hand. This may sound harsh, but really, think about it.

How is it okay?

It’s not. I pray for our world. 2016 was a rough year and it seems that 2017 is gearing up to be just as challenging. Love to everyone. xo



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