Motivation. Where does it come from?

I often wonder about the people who consistently work hard towards what they want in life. How do they do it? Where does this motivation come from for them?

I’ve heard about practicing a motivated state…and consistently getting that feeling into your body so that when it’s needed, it can be done.

I have a very weak muscle when it comes to motivating myself. Very weak. I get into this habit of…like when I got home tonight, I laid down on my bed and for 45 mins, I was on Facebook, texting my grandma, WhatsApping my cousin…and I didn’t want to stop. I had told myself like…only 15 mins or something and I didn’t stop.

It’s how I feel about getting out of bed in the morning too. I snooze it until pretty much the last possible moment. I get this feeling and I have such a hard time pushing against it.

I think that this is a big challenge against me going for what I want in my life. Even for me to do the smaller things that I want: like singing. Practicing singing. I get excited about something in a moment, but then the next day, somehow I talk myself out of how excited I was and instead sit and watch Netflix. Or putter on Facebook and Instagram.

I sometimes have the most amazing drive and motivation. Unfortunately, I find it’s for things that aren’t really vulnerable or important. Like finding this certain type of water bottle that I wanted. I put in the research and did so many things to get it.

Today I wanted a little baked good before my class. I ended up at this cupcake shop and bought a 9 pack of the mini ones. Didn’t end up eating one. Now, I’m beating myself up about how they’re probably not going to be as fresh overnight in the box. Like, I’ve wasted eating one fairly fresh. <this is a side note rant…why does it matter? These are the silly things that I distract myself with>

They say to really connect with what it is that you want and then you’ll be more motivated to do it. But, I don’t know. I’m pretty tired right now, but I felt zero motivation to go and brush my teeth/put on my pajamas to therefore get into bed and be ready. So, then I could sleep. No. I preferred to lay in my bed.

When I do push myself, I feel great. I feel so good about myself. If I were to connect with THAT feeling more, then perhaps that could help. Like, tonight, I considered skipping my class and staying home. And being lazy. Instead, I decided to go and I’m glad I did, even though I felt a bit bored and tired during it.

I want to be more consistent, self-disciplined, less impulsive and committed. It’s going to take quite a bit of practice, as right now I have very little of these things. Hence, the search for motivation. Imagine how amazing my life would be if I were to be strong in these traits?!

Time to get crackin’! xo



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