A spark of hope emerges…

It’s almost amazing how a few little shifts can start to make room for the possibility of change.

Today, I fell into many of my usual habits (I watched part of a TV episode; I laid in my bed, puttering on Facebook and Instagram…checking emails etc). But, I also went and met up with a group of women that are in a group I’m a part of (we have monthly get-togethers). And I listened to some music in the shower and felt inspired to sing (but haven’t yet…baby steps).

I’ve been trying to find a song that I connect to and that I’d feel inspired to sing for an open mic (and possibly the summer performance that I take part in). I love singing. It is when I feel the most alive. And I think I found my song today. The next step is to work on it and see. I’m excited! I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m having a hard time even finishing this post because I keep checking things about it and the lyrics and…

It’s time for me to go to sleep. It’s already 12:41am and I have an early morning.

But! The point is that even in those moments of feeling like life couldn’t get better…like we are stuck where we are and won’t change…a little glimmer of hope starts sprouting and growing and pushing through to the light.

My challenge is when I get into those funks or lazy moods, to change my state…change how I’m feeling and evaluate. Maybe drop and do 10 pushups or something. Today, I had an intention to work on music stuff and instead, I had a glass of wine at lunch and I felt like lying around after. So, I did.

I know I wouldn’t felt so much better in myself if I’d started working on some of the music stuff. But, I didn’t. Tomorrow is a new day. I can make different choices!

Onwards and upwards! Let’s make a choice each day to take care of ourselves, in whatever shape or form that turns out to be! Do something that will raise your self-esteem. xo




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