Own it!

I took a class tonight and the theme of the class was Ownership.

I’ve often heard the phrase, “Own it!”, but didn’t ever really think about what it means.

What I interpret it is…whatever we’re doing, we are a part of it and the more we own what part we have in it, the more solid we will feel in ourselves.

Like, any time there’s something that I’m doing…and maybe I think I’m rocking it. I’m doing 100% awesome. There is always still room to evaluate: where else can I be better? I think that’s how some professional athletes like Michael Jordan or the Williams sisters etc get to where they are: the keep pushing and evaluating and working really, really hard.

There’s also the flip side. Sometimes we are in situations where we feel we have no power to change anything. We always have a choice. It may not feel like it, but we do. I think that is the biggest thing I’m learning.

Someone gave an example of how their relationship with their mom had deteriorated. Whereas once they were very close, now they don’t get along well. He acknowledged that he had a part in that and wants to work on bettering it. I know many people who would say,”Well, my mom hasn’t made any effort and she’s always ragging on me and…”etc. Whenever we put all of the blame on someone else, we take away our own power and potency!

Or, even owning our laziness. I know that I am quite lazy…often I’d rather…well, not just often, at this point, ALWAYS, I choose to stay in bed a bit longer vs getting up and exercising. Own it! Own that laziness. For the people in a shitty job and complain about it…own it! I am choosing to stay in this shitty job because it scares me to try and find another one, or I’m worried about how much work it would take to get a different one.

For me, I am very lazy. I feel like there are certain things that I can’t help. The fact that I am single with no prospect at all of even dating someone. In this, there is something for me to recognize: there is some part that I have in this…how hard am I really trying? Not very hard.

When I was younger, I didn’t really have to try that hard. Back in the MySpace days, I met one of my most serious boyfriends (and the only one that I ever felt “in love” with) on there because he happened across my profile and messaged me. It was all so easy. Until it wasn’t. Now, being 10 years single…there is something that I’m not doing and it’s time I make a change.

“It’s time to make a change, for once in my life”-Yes! Michael Jackson! It’s now or never. Look at our lives. Own where we’re at! And change what we don’t like. Or Don’t!!!! Own that you want to stay exactly where you are. xo



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