Tired, exhausted,drained, fatigued,run down, worn out, and just plain tuckered out!

As you may have guessed from the title, I’m feeling a bit burned out. The course I took was very good, but I think all of the long hours and my body having a lowered immune system, thereby more susceptible to getting sick…it all caught up in plain ol’ exhaustion.

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve created it…am I eating things that are causing me to feel more tired? Is it because I’m not exercising?

I think that is definitely a part of it…if I were to take better care of myself, I think that I wouldn’t feel as low as I do and want to sleep as much. And because I feel so low energy, then I don’t feel as motivated to take better care of myself, and so the circle goes.

This morning, my coach asked me to journal about how I feel in myself right now. And then compared to how I felt in, say, November. To start looking to measure, as best as I can, the changes I feel in myself.

I feel more settled in some ways, but also still feel that I have quite a ways to go in terms of getting my life even close to where I’d like it to be.

I’ve experienced quite a few physical challenges in the last year. More than I think I’ve ever had. Is it due to old age? My unhappiness manifesting in physical ailments? I’m not entirely sure.

What I do know is that taking care of myself is the top priority. I know that I hear and read about how physical activeness leads to a longer, better life in the long run. But, I get caught up in feeling comfortable NOW. That is probably the biggest challenge that I experience currently, in my life.

Small steps. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up a bit earlier so that I can go and make myself a little smoothie in the morning (otherwise, on these long days, I often wake up t 7am and don’t get to eat until about 10am).

Love yourself. Know that even though you feel comfortable now, the soul soars with overcoming adversity. That includes daily urges of being lazy and pushing past that! xo



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