This is why you don’t share chapstick…

So. I was reminded the hard way why you don’t share chapstick, especially not with about 10 other women.

One of the women in the course I’m in has one of those little chapstick containers and every day, about 10 of us stick our fingers into it and use it for our chapped lips. On the way home tonight, I started feeling a bit of tingling in my lip and thought, Aw shit.

I have a cold sore.

The worst part of it is that I could have probably avoided it. I should have known better than to be sharing a chapstick with so many people. On top of it, about half of them have a cold. And they’re coughing all over the place and sticking their fingers in the chapstick. <sigh>

Major fail.

Because now, not only did I forget to bring my cold sore remedies with me (I swear I brought them, but they’re nowhere to be found). Also, it’s my last day in the course tomorrow and I was hoping to look nice and not have herpes on my face. Also also, there is such a stigma about having them that I feel ashamed that people will see it on my face. And my boss…I’m worried that he won’t a) let me work until it’s gone, or b) that he’ll tell me to never kiss the babies again.

I haven’t had a cold sore in such a long time.

This has been a rough training. My body has gone through the gamut of things: vomiting, diarrhea many days, chills/shakes, exhaustion, sweating and now, a cold sore to top it off (along with a cold that seems to be developing…not surprising since so many of the women were coughing a lot without covering their mouths or washing their hands).

<sigh sigh>

That’s how it is, I suppose. Sometimes it’s hard when the world isn’t going how I want it to.

From the wise woman point of view, think of this as a good time to see that despite the effects that my body is feeling and the judgment that some people may have, I am okay.

One more day tomorrow. Enjoy! xo



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