Heterosexual Maaaaan…

My dad used to listen to this song by the little known group, the Odds when I was a teenager.

An excerpt:

“I want to do every woman I know
I want to do it to them in their clothes
I want to make it with them, don’t you know?
I’m a heterosexual man
It’s just a problem with my glands”

I learned some things today…I mean, the above sentiment in the song, I already had heard. But, today, I think I really understand better.

The impulse for most men to have sex is so strong. But it usually doesn’t mean anything, like it does for most women. I have heard it equated with feeling the urge to take a big dump. The urge is there and it needs to be released and then when you release…it’s like a sigh of relief.

Where there can be issues is that, many men are going around looking for that release. However, most women, when they have sex, are looking to connect emotionally and it is usually for more than just being used as a receptacle. We make a whole lot of meaning about it.

This is just a minuscule glimpse into the conversation that we had today. It is such an interesting topic for me. I am open to exploring what that means in terms of being in relationship and the insecurities that I would feel about it.

Monogamy, sex and relationships are such interesting topics and ones that I believe would be great to talk about more and let go of the taboo about it.

I’m still getting over being sick and am exhausted, but…I’ll bookmark this. We are talking more tomorrow and perhaps I’ll be able to clarify my thoughts better. Still processing…! xo



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