I’m a sicko…

Actually. I started feeling sick last night, but then today was really bad.

The works…diarrhea started…feeling nauseous. Taking the Uber to my course. Got there & wanted to crawl into bed.

Then, later, I puked. I’d been feeling nausea for awhile but then it happened. I haven’t puked in a really long time. All I could see were beans. 😦

Most of the day I felt shaky…hot & then cold. My eyes hurt.

Worst of all, my stomach hurts. I’m not sure exactly what’s up. IBS? I sure hope not. It’s more in my gut than my bowels but who knows how that works exactly? (Aka I don’t).

I pray that tomorrow I will feel waaaay better and have a wonderful day at my course!

It’s disconcerting when our bodies kind of break down. It’s freaky.

There’s more than you’ve ever wanted to know about my body processes….keepin’ it real! Xo



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