Short but sweet…

This is Day 2 of the course I’m taking. There were many interesting things talked about today and I’m processing everything.

I’m also absolutely, completely exhausted. 2 days in a row of having about 5 hours sleep and then the course from 8am-10pm.

I’m starting to feel sick…headache, nausea, stomachache…on top of the exhaustion. I think I can feel my immune system saying, Hey! Help me out! And my stomach, Maybe don’t eat so much food when all you’re doing is sitting all day! Also, don’t drink caffeinated coffee! You know better! Or beans.

Currently, I’m a bloated, very tired, sick-feeling gal. But, I will persevere. Time to go to sleep! Alarm will be ringing in 5.5 hours. 😥

Keep on, keepin’ on! xo



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