It’s a small world after all…

So, tonight, in Mexico City, I had dinner with a guy from Sheffield, England (currently lives in Canada), a guy from Perth, Australia (currently lives in Canada), a guy from Toronto, a guy from Fort Wayne, Indiana, a guy from Veracruz, Mexico (currently lives in Switzerland), a woman from Lausanne, Switzerland, and a woman from Mexico City. Amongst us, we spoke Spanish, French, Italian, English and a bit of German.

Soooo cool, right?! I love it. And how the group got together was a bit random, as well. One of my friends was visiting Mexico City. He happened to know two guys who had a 2 day stopover in Mexico City. The four of us planned to go out to dinner. Before dinner, my friend and I decided to go for a walk and we walked to the Angel of Independence. Just as we were leaving, my friend peeked over the shoulder of this guy that was doing a time lapse video and he was super impressed. We started chatting with him. Turns out, he’s only in town for 2 days. Also, he knows 2 people that are also coming to town tonight. I exchanged phone numbers with him and said to meet up with us later. So they did. Then the final person was a friend of mine and my friend who was visiting who is a local. She joined us from where she lives on the other side of town. That’s how the 8 of us ended up eating dinner together!

I love things like that. I think it’s so cool to meet people from different places and different backgrounds and hear about each other’s lives. Of course, since most of us had just met, our conversations weren’t very deep and personal, but I felt like we all connected. My friend who was visiting and I had a deeper conversation at one point, but that’s also how we are.

There was only one person actually from Mexico City that was at the table. Everybody else was traveling or working. At one point a few of us were connecting on personal growth stuff that we enjoy. At another point, the cameras were brought out and showing pictures of the Cascade mountains. A few of them had gone on an extreme, heli-hike and pictures were being shown of that. At yet another point, a few of us were talking about the various languages that we speak and why/how we speak them.

We had this one moment in time together at the dinner, and then we all went our separate ways. 3 of the guys are flying out tomorrow. 2 guys and a gal are here until Monday/Tuesday. It was like we all came together and had this brief connection, and then we all go off in our lives, slightly changed by our interactions together at the Mexican restaurant. How lovely. xo



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