Ohhh…IIIII…ohhh I’m still alive…

First day back at it and I made it. First 12 hour day in a row (of 3).

What I do isn’t really strenuous per se. For me, it’s long hours and under-stimulating in some ways. I am with two 1 year old babies. I have a lot of support, so it’s not like I’m by myself. But, this is a long day…the 12 hour days are exhausting in a way. I find myself feeling sucked dry. I am not sure if it’s because we are in a set space every single day. That we very rarely go outside for walks etc.

Don’t get me wrong…I love being with the babies. They, themselves are lovely. A highlight of today is that they are learning to walk and one of them is givin’er! He throws himself into it and I am always there to catch him, as where they live has hardwood floors. So, the downside is that they rarely get to catch themselves and learn to walk by trial and error. But they’re learning, nonetheless. It’s fun. A bit of a backache, but fun! And they both like to laugh. They’re very curious and love to play with something other than their toys.

One of them did not want to take the second nap today. He slept for an hour or so in the morning, but then wouldn’t sleep for the afternoon nap. So, he was quite tired and easily upset.

We just had a moment, and apparently he does this every so often, where someone walked into the room and he was standing in his crib. Like sleep-standing. It freaked out the woman who walked in. I haven’t really seen it yet. I was teasing the night ladies that they’ll wake up at like 3am and see him staring at them. <Twilight Zone music>

Monday will be my day time to really sit down and organize my schedule. I have so much to fit in. These next 3 days will be pure work, but then I’ve got to start incorporating the things that I believe in and working toward that in my daily life. Oh, and exercise too.

Apparently we will be leaving the house tomorrow to walk the mall! Yay for small things!

Hasta mañana! xo



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