Oh, those millenials are so entitled…

I listened to a talk online of a man explaining why millenials are they way they are. I never thought that I was a millenial, but after listening to this talk, I looked up the definition of the Millenials generation and it said, that a millenial is generally someone born in the late 70s to the early 2000s. Generation X also overlaps into the late 70s/early 80s. A woman, Jean Twenge, wrote a book called: Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled—and More Miserable Than Ever Before. 

I’d like to read that book. Just from the title and thinking about it…I can relate. I am SO entitled. I find myself thinking that I should be able to have things that I haven’t earned. (I’ve been told that this is also a trait of Canadians). I’ll work hard and then if I don’t get results the way that I think I should, I’ll feel ripped off. Like I earned it. But, I didn’t. Because I didn’t get it. As the older generations know, get up and try again!

I just wrote in my journal about this process and dynamic. How I experience myself and other people expecting their parents or grandparents to be giving us money and support. Like, by virtue of us being born, that we deserve to be taken care of, given love, money and supported in all we do.

Ms. Twenge asserted that millenials are more narcissistic as a generation. I agree. I believe that everything is about me. That if someone is mean to me, that it’s about me. If someone ignores me or acts a certain way, it’s because I did something.

I paused to take the Narcissistic Personality Test online. I didn’t score that high (9 ou of 40), but out of these categories:

Authority, Self-Sufficiency, Superiority, Exhibitionism, Exploitativeness, Vanity, Entitlement.

I scored the highest in Superiority, then Exhibitionism, then Vanity and Entitlement were the same. OH WOW! That’s something to think about. If I look at those words, I don’t experience myself as perceiving myself to be superior. Then I think, well how DO I do that? It would be interesting to start being more aware of that. The exhibitionism I also am not sure about. The vanity and the entitlement, I can see.

One of the other things that they mentioned in the talk about millenials was that we are always on our phones. That if we have a spare moment, we pick up our phones and check Facebook or email or…! I have a 16 year old and a 17 year old staying with us right now and WOW, is it ever true. They bring their phones to the dinner table. I also do it too, to a slightly lesser degree. Tonight when we were playing cards at dinner, I felt the urge to go and check my phone. Instead of enjoying the experience I was having…or, instead of experiencing the experience I was having, I wanted to check out and go on my phone. It’s so true. In our digital generation, we are no longer actually connecting with each other as fellow humans in the same way!

Well…I feel like there is more to say on this topic, which is fascinating, but it’s time to sleep. My well-intentioned self that thought I’d be in bed by 11pm, didn’t consider that I might be typing for 2.5 hours.

To be continued…xo



2 thoughts on “Oh, those millenials are so entitled…

  1. Actually the characteristics of people being born after 1987 have been channeled.. basically our DNAs are evolving as consciousness of humanity has shifted..people being born now have greater self-worth. Try googling terms like Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. Some of the children born now can walk and talk sooner too. 🙂


    1. It’s interesting because…I can try on that people are developing more self-worth, but on that note, it seems many are also more selfish and only aware of their own selves vs how they are in their surroundings and with other people. Aka compassionate.


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