We are familyyyyy…

Well, well, well…Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Joyeux Nöel! Feliz Navidad!

Today was a lovely day with my family. We basically ate, hung out, chatted, opened presents, cleaned, prepared meals and drank. Hahaha. It has been a good day!

It’s interesting…I was thinking, there are certain days of the year that are quite commercialized and made to be a big deal in our culture. Christmas Day, New Years Eve (Day), Easter…there is this expectation that we need to do something for it. New Years, in terms of that we need to celebrate bigger than usual, and Christmas, in that we need to buy and give presents, put up lights etc. For me, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are a great excuse to hang out with my family! I really enjoy it!

But the parts of those days, like the need to buy presents for people, or for New Years, where there seems to be so much pressure to do something fun…it seems like too much pressure. Like, it’s actually okay if I stay home, by myself, and watch a movie for New Years. Or, for my friend who posted about being alone, hanging out in his underwear, drinking and eating whatever he wanted…that’s okay too. I think there are so many expectations that things be AMAZING.

I want to learn to be more observant and experience things for what they are in each moment, instead of looking for there to be something particularly special.

For example, highlights of my Christmas Day today included: waking up in a king-size comfy bed with my cousin (after having an awesome chat last night before bed); sitting between my Nonno and Nonna on the couch, just after opening presents; various conversations with my cousins and sister; and my aunt and mom and grandparents; seeing the two little cousins playing with balloons; eating mashed potatoes and gravy & breaded zucchini&garlic bread; working together to clean up and make sure it looks spic and span; all around being together, whether it’s cleaning, chatting, eating or drinking.

I am so grateful to spend this time with my family and to have such an awesome family to share the time and experiences together. One of my cousins tonight was complaining that she was bored. I think it’s because she wasn’t engaging in what we were doing…which was some work, preparing dinner. Instead, she chose to disconnect and lie on the couch. Which, I understand, because sometimes with so many people around, it’s nice to have some alone time. In general though, when someone says they are bored, I think it’s more of a lack of engagement in life. I hope to engage more in my life and enjoy! 🙂

I have 9 hours left before I enter into my next rotation around the sun (technically, it’s already my birthday). Hereeee we go! xo



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