‘Twas the night before Christmas…

And all through the house, a group of people were drinking, eggnog mixed with various alcohols. Perhaps a little bit of eggnog with Kahlua? Or Baileys and kahlua? How about a classic: rum and eggnog?

My family likes to drink. We bond over drinking. We like to cheers with shots. We drink coffee with Baileys (or amaretto, or my Nonna likes grappa). Some people like to put whipped cream on top, and always cinnamon! There is wine at every lunch and dinner (made by my Nonno). Tonight my Nonna had a little bit more rum than eggnog and she was laughing so much and being silly. I love it! She is hilarious!

We have two girls staying with us for Christmas. They are 16 and 17. The 16 year old is from Spain and the 17 year old is from Italy. Her brother is dating my distant cousin. They are in our neck of the woods to study English at a high school for a year. Unfortunately, their host family was not taking care of them at all, so when my Nonna was told about it, my Italian cousin asked if they could come for Christmas dinner and somehow they ended up coming to stay for 6 days (longer than my mom, sister and I even!)

It’s a bit different and at first I was quite apprehensive.Having two completely new people that none of us have ever met before staying with our family during one of the best times of year. It’s been fine though. They’re both quite sweet. Typical teenagers in a way in that they don’t offer to help clean up after meals or to make food. Or to help at all with anything. They spent most of today in their room, and the whole day in their pajamas. But, that’s fine. The rest of us hung out with each other and enjoyed ourselves! Playing cards, eating, getting presents ready, eating, drinking and the day flew by! I didn’t leave the house the whole day until I came to my cousins’ boyfriend’s place to stay with her while he is away for a few days (and to get a good night’s sleep because my sister snores, and we share a bed at our grandparents place.) Tonight will be a king size bed sleep. Yay!

In our family, we don’t particularly have a Christmas Eve tradition. My grandparents like to go to mass. Every year they try to convince us to go with them to midnight mass, but we are not interested. So, they sometimes choose to go to the earlier one at 6pm. I’ve been many times before and while it’s okay, I don’t really enjoy it. So, I don’t go. Other than that, there is the usual aforementioned cheers-ing.

This year is also a little bit different because my sister Diana went to her boyfriend’s parents’ place on the almost other side of the country for Christmas and New Years. So, we are missing her. Last year, I missed Christmas because I was working. I’m very glad to be here this year!!!

So, time for bed and tomorrow’s Christmas festivities: more eating, drinking and being merry!

Buon Natale a tutti! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Nöel! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! xo




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