The non-committals

You know the ones…you invite them to go and do something, perhaps planning ahead a bit…a few days, a week, heaven forbid…a month! And they often either don’t respond at all, or they respond with a non-committal maybe.

I wonder what is going on for these people? If I try it on, it seems like they want to see how their time goes, see what other options come up and then make a decision. Fair enough.

However, this year, I wanted to host a New Years party at a house that I often cat-sit at. I have had New Years parties before and they have always been a ton of fun! So, this year I thought, I’ll do it again!!! When I sent out the invite near the end of November, I had about 8 people respond. All of them either saying they can’t make it, or that they’re not sure of their plans yet. Then, a few weeks later, I had ONE person say to me that they are definitely coming and excited about it! So, then I thought, AWESOME! Then my mom said she’d come…a few other people mentioned that they might. But, I only had 2 confirmed people.

So, I thought, You know what? I don’t want to wait around to see if *maybe* people are going to choose to come. I messaged a friend that wasn’t sure about what they’re planning and said, Hey, Can I join your New Years party and help with that? They said, Yes and I thought, OK. Cool!

Then, as I started getting together with more and more friends, they were saying, Oh…well, I was thinking of coming. I said, WHAT?!!! Why didn’t you email to say that? Two people that I hung out with today said that.

But, while I think it would have been fun to host a New Years party, I’m glad to be going to my friend’s party instead. Sometimes, ya gotta just take care of yo’self!!! While I do love bringing people together and having fun, I think it can also be exhausting to try and enrol people…to convince them that coming to my party is going to be the best! (which I’m actually fairly good at).

We shall see how New Years goes with this group of people (people that I’m still getting to know more and more). ‘Tis the season and all of that. Lots of social gatherings and I’ve really enjoyed it! New Years gets hyped into this big day that we have to celebrate just right. In reality, it’s just another day of the year and we can spend it however we want. Onward and upwards! To enjoying ourselves wherever we may be and connecting with people! xo



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