Dah dah dah dum da da dum da da

Oh, pop culture. I went and saw the latest Star Wars tonight: Rogue One. I have a confession: I don’t really know Star Wars very well. The first time I ever watched the originals, I was 18 and my boyfriend at the time had grown up with it. He insisted that I watch them…that it was a travesty that I hadn’t already. Hahah.

I have watched all of the Star Wars movies now and I find them entertaining, but not essential. I think perhaps if you’ve grown up watching them (kind of how I feel about “Wayne’s World” or Aladdin or Lion King), then you develop a type of sentimentality about it.

Many people I know either loved Star Wars or Star Trek (or both) growing up. Also, they grew up listening to musicals and can sing the whole score of Cats or Wicked or Rent…not me. I grew up listening to 8 tracks of Italian Folk songs, Huey Lewis and the News “Sports” album and various other 80s songs. Then, some of my own choosing later: MC Hammer, C&C Music Factory, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston’s the Bodyguard soundtrack etc. I knew many of the songs from the Mary Poppins soundtrack. I don’t remember going to the movies as a kid. We watched movies at home, either on TV or on VHS. There are many classic movies that I’ve never seen: Audrey Hepburn movies, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or Gone with the Wind or Casablanca.

It is fun though to go with a group of people. I enjoyed going with this group of people to watch the movie. It’s late. I almost chose to stay home and go to bed early, because I have a long (fun) day tomorrow. Then I thought, if I look back at my life, will I have been happy that I stayed home? I also got to chat a bit with one of my guy friends and hear about how his life is going, so I’m happy for that.

May the Force be with You. xo



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