Music, makes the people, come together…

Sunday nights=jam night! Now that I’m back in town for the holidays, I am taking every chance to connect with people here. One of those things is our Sunday night jam night tradition, which I greatly enjoy. We are a group of people that come and play whatever. There is a leader of sorts who brings the instruments, cords, laptop with music options and sets it all up. It is awesome! People can try playing the drums, guitar, sing…whatever you like. It’s a great place to come and fail…this group is about playing and having fun.

I love music. Mostly, I love singing. When I was in town, I use to go to jam nights quite consistently and, surprise surprise, my singing got better and stronger. In the last year, I haven’t had that practice, so my singing is quite weak. I noticed my voice couldn’t quite hit notes at times and my throat was hurting. Time to start practicing for myself.

Do you ever wonder if you create drama in your own life? There is a guy that I met at jam night and a year ago, we started being…”closer” friends as it were. Tonight, I came to jam night and found myself being not as into it. I invited him to join us, and he actually did come. And I felt a bit more into it. Haha.

It’s funny how things like music can connect people…I had some good friends that I would jam with back in the day, which was so much fun. Guy friends where it was totally platonic. Now they are all in relationships (two of them married, one of those with a kid, and even the perpetual bachelor has had a girlfriend for the last 3 years or so). So, no more guy friends.

I owe someone I dated the impetus for me pursuing singing past just in the car. He would do open mics and I felt inspired to also do that, so I started practicing singing (and some guitar) and have now done quite a few over the last 8 years.

I remember another time, there was a guy that part of the appeal of why he was dating me is that I played guitar and sang. He was fascinated by me singing. It felt really great.

Oh, music. I love you. All of the passion, playfulness and soul. xo



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