If you feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you…

I feel like, isn’t that what most of us want? We want a partner that we can love and grow a life with. Someone who will have our backs, who we can text with during the day, with whom we share moments together…and the list goes on.

Then, why is it so hard to find someone nowadays. It feels like…like men don’t have that hard of a time finding someone. It feels like there is a surplus of women and there aren’t any men left. And then, at a certain point in the age process, the amount of men turns into slim pickings.

This also may be my narrow viewpoint. I realize this and I’m working on shifting that and opening up possibilities for myself.

I want to have an experience of having a long-term relationship. Of living with a boyfriend. Of growing a life together and growing a life together (have a baby). I haven’t been able to find someone yet.

So, it seems like, in the meantime, I’m looking for friends. For guys that I can have some sort of friendship with and work on myself in the process.

Honestly, I feel like physical contact is so important. I miss it. A lot. And it’s been a very long time since I’ve had anything consistently. So, I find, like an addict, I crave it sometimes. I don’t just mean sex…I mean, cuddling etc too.

It seems like the golden unicorn to find someone that not only wants to have a physical relationship, but also wants to date and experience life together.

Universe, do they exist? Please send them my way. I’m ready. xo



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