‘Twas a great success!

It’s funny…I came on here because I wanted to share about how amazing the experience was of my grandpa’s surprise 80th birthday party. About how, even though we experienced some adversity, that it turned out just as it did, which was lovely. Not perfect, but still wonderful. And, here I am talking about it as well.

What just struck me was this: Do you ever have a hard time really being in the moment of whatever experience it is that you’re having? Do you ever find yourself thinking/hypothesizing other experiences that you’re missing out on? You don’t actually know how any other experience would be, but you imagine it and then think that you’re missing out on something.

Well, I do.

It’s an…interesting habit. For example, I had a great, full-on day with my family. We had some challenges with getting to the city where we were going (an hour and a half stopped on the highway due to an accident). We had a moment of worry that we wouldn’t have enough food (my sister reacted and freaked out about the suggestion, but…we had MORE than enough in the end). We all had moments of stressing out about if we were going to be able to pull it off and have everything ready in time (especially when we arrived to the venue and realized it was going to take a bit of work to transform it all). But, in the end, we ROCKED it. The whole experience, and the group of people and all of us granddaughters and daughters (my aunt and mom) working together really made it a beautiful experience that I believe my Nonno will remember for the rest of his life.

And yet, I came home, with the lovely bliss of having mostly focused on this awesome experience all day, and I had a thought about this guy that I like (and who does not seem to reciprocate my interest) and how I want to see him when I’m back and imagining various things with him. And how I’m missing out on this class that I’m taking and what I’m going to miss with that.

Then I realized, this experience that I just had with my family is special. It is unique to us and precious and I would not trade it for any of this guy I likes or this class I’m taking. This family time means a lot to me. So why not revel in it? Really appreciate it and be grateful and let go of this perceived idea that anything else would have been better for me in that moment or at that time! I have no idea what the class was like. I have no idea what this dude is actually like outside of the bubble of how I filter what I see of him and think it’s actually him. How liking him ties into various issues that I have.

So, breathe. Be in the moment. Focus on what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. And soak it up. Even enjoy it. We are ALIVE and have amazing interactions with each other and ourselves. There is nothing else that is better for us in this moment. xo



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