Growing Pains

When I was a kid, I remember my legs use to hurt quite a bit because they were growing. I’d be walking down the street and my legs would ache.

Now that I’m an adult, I experience growing pains, but they are more often of the personal growth variety. I am in a course right now where we are looking at how our childhood and things that we made meaning out of in our childhood has shaped us as adults. And questioning some of the reasoning that we made as children, which weren’t usually based in logic.

It is an often uncomfortable, but deeply growthful process. They are long days. The one thing I notice about myself is that I like to distract myself, so I notice myself thinking about the attractive instructor or wanting to check Facebook/Instagram. My mom pointed out tonight: this course is for YOU. So, forget about everything else that you’re distracting yourself with and focus on YOU.

I think that I will take that advice. It is true. I am doing this course to better me, why not focus on me and let go of the other distractions? 🙂 xo



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