Feels like I’m back in high school…

So, it’s a little bit funny…I’m staying at my mom’s place right now and one of my male friends is staying over with me. We feel like we are in high school because it was like,”Hey, is it okay if he stays over?” We made a bed out of the couch cushions on the living room floor.

Fortunately I have the awesomest mom ever because she was totally unfazed. She was completely okay with it and even hung out with us and drank some tea.

This is all to say that, in our lives, we may have challenges with our parents over the years, but at the end of the day, our parents are humans too.

I am very grateful for my mamma (and not just because she supports me in getting cuddles), but because she one of my biggest champions. And that kind of family is the best.

So, it’s a short one tonight because there’s lots to do before an early bedtime, but…I want to put that out there. Thanks to all of the amazing Mamma Bears out there! xo



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