Fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly awayyyy

I’m home! Whoo hoo! Actually, it was a bit sad when I landed because there was nobody there to meet me. Usually, nobody ever meets me actually at the door, but often someone (usually my mamma) will pick me up outside.

She wasn’t feeling well today, and picked me up right by her house. It got me thinking…do I really have no friends that are excited that I’m back in town? I realized, No. I don’t. How have I created that in my life? I realized that the people that I communicate with the most are: my grandparents, my mom and then sometimes, my dad. How have I created this life so disconnected from friendships?

I think that being away has not helped. I also think that my life being so different than most of my friends hasn’t helped either. It feels quite lonely.

But, today…on today’s flights, it was an interesting experience. One of the flights, I paid extra to be in the exit row. Once the flight had taken off, 3 people came up to the other empty exit row seats and sat there the rest of the flight. I felt annoyed: I paid this substantial extra amount to sit there and these people sat there for free?!

Then, I went to go to the bathroom. Someone was in there for quite a while. When I went in after them, it looked like they had overflowed the toilet somehow. There was urine and who knows what else, sloshing around on the floor. I thought, no thanks. And waited for the other bathroom on the other side of the plane.

The other thing on flights: the only thing included nowadays are a few small drinks and maybe a bag of over-salted chips.

However, the next flight, I had the whole row to myself! And I watched a movie all the way back home. That was a nice change.

I generally love flying! When I was a teenager, I even loved turbulence! Like I was on a roller coaster. Then I realized my mortality and nowadays, it freaks me out!!! I noticed that every single flight has quite a bit of turbulence. Then I breathe and think, let go. I can’t control it. I’ve decided to get on this flight and now it is in the hands of the pilots. So breathe and enjoy. Relax!

This next month is going to be interesting. A month of growth hopefully. For the good. For the better!

And now, I am going to take my jetlagged, exhausted self to set up the air mattress that will be my bed for the next couple of weeks.

Buenas noches! xo



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