Nerve-firing in my body…

Also known as PAIN.

Today’s post is a little reality check that I’m very definitely human and living in a body.

A few days ago, I was experiencing some chest pain. I’ve felt something similar-esque to that before, and before I think it was related mostly to indigestion. It basically feels like my rib cage is being squeezed on the right side. I thought maybe my sports bra shirt was too tight or something, so I went upstairs after I ate dinner and took it off. Still, the tightness and pressure in my chest continued. I lied in bed and it seemed that if I didn’t move too much, the pressure in my chest wasn’t too bad, although I was experiencing a bit of difficulty breathing (but I think that is more related to the fact that my room is very stuffy). I went to sleep.

Around 3am, I woke up to the pain in my chest being very painful. Mostly centred under my right breast, and it felt like major pressure and it was difficult to breathe. I got up, but that felt worse. I lay in my bed until around 5am when I finally drifted off. At just after 7am, my alarm went off, but I still felt like crap. Have you ever had an experience where the pain is so bad, that you don’t want to move? That’s basically how it felt. I did feel tired (as I always do), but it wasn’t overbearing tiredness. If I hadn’t had the pain in my chest, I could have gone about my day (and in typical Murphy’s Law fashion, I had a big day planned, including a Christmas Party). However, that was not to be. I laid in bed until 12:30pmish. Tried stretching. Tried massaging. Tried breathing. Anything that I could think of. Nope.

So, I decided to see the doctor.

I was nervous about seeing a doctor in a foreign country, because you never know. Many places have different ways of treating patients. For example, when I lived in Korea, I had a friend get very sick. She was in the hospital for 3 days on an IV drip. However, how the hospitals work there is that your family comes, gives you food and water and all around takes care of you. It is not the same type of responsibility for the nurses/doctors to check up on you. Therefore, she had her IV drip run out and her blood started running back into it. Twice. It makes me appreciate our healthcare that much more.

This hospital was actually quite efficient and they seemed to know what they were talking about, thank goodness. They took an x-ray, ruled out things like pneumonia or a mass or any other thing that could be more serious. My lungs are clear. So, the next thing that he thinks it is: Costochondritis. Inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs. They said it’s not serious and should go away on its own. In the meantime, they prescribed me a dose of paracetamol and some muscle relaxants to sleep.

I’ve one of those people that doesn’t like to take medications. For anything, if I can help it. If I have a headache, and it’s really bad, I’ll take an ibuprofen. Ditto for menstrual cramps. Often though, I’ll suck it up. However, with this pain, I thought, I’ll go with what the doctor says and hope it gets better. So far, I have taken the paracetamol 5.5 hours ago, and still…the pain persists. It feels perhaps a bit more dulled, but definitely there.

Part of me wondered if I’d put out a rib or something, but the x-ray didn’t show that. So, it’s basically a guessing game. I am going to do my best on my end to take care of myself. I’m thinking, that Krispy Kreme donut that I had after lunch may have not been a good choice. Soup and crackers for dinner, methinks.

As I sit here and check in with my body, I notice that it feels uncomfortable. Besides the chest pain, especially when I breathe deeply, I also have a bit of a headache, my eyes are aching and my body feels weak. Perhaps dehydrated as well.

Here’s to tomorrow being another day and this magnificent body of mine healing itself. Take care of you and yours. xo



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