Bah Humbug, and other grumpy sayings

Actually, that statement is the opposite about how I feel about Christmas stuff happening: the commercialism of the holiday itself, I have no real interest in, but the music and the lights and the decorations, I thoroughly enjoy. And actually, after having thought about it in this moment, I feel a bit less grumpy.

Do you ever have those moments in life where one shitty thing happens, then another shitty thing happens, then another and it’s just like, everything is being filtered through this shitty lens?

I have been having that tonight. My day itself, if looked at objectively, was fine. However, little things…I have been trying to find this present for my sister…dead ends. I am going to take a course, and they changed the schedule so now I’m going to miss 2 of the days, but I have to make up the days and pay hundreds in order to do so, while also cramming it into hours, instead of days. Also found out that food is not provided (although it usually is). Also, due to said course, am going to be rushed at my grandpa’s birthday party out of town. Also, nervous to talk to my boss. Also, frustrated by how I’m living my life and the dumb decisions that I make sometimes. Also, there aren’t any Krispy Kreme donuts left to cram in my face to cover the shitty feeling, so now I’ve been feeling it.

What would happen if I observed these things happened without suffering about it? The thing is…yes, there are shitty things that happen and they make things more complicated or hard to do. But really, I can take a deep breath, sit back for a second and think about it from a more objective point of view. Someone told me, When that happens, try looking at the situation like you’re watching a show on T.V.; what would you suggest to the main character? What do you think they should do? It’s surprisingly helpful when taking away the fear or excuses that may pop in our heads. In my case, it’ll be fine. I may have to miss part of family time and leave early. I may have to pay like $700 extra during a month where I’m making no income. These things are not ideal, but they’re survivable.

I find that many of the problems or things that we face (as someone who grew up in a “first world” country) are not really problems. They’re more like inconveniences. If I look at all that I wrote above, really…it’s fine. It’ll be fine.

What am I getting out of suffering about it and getting annoyed? How does that help?

Perhaps I’ll chuckle to myself and leave it at #firstworldproblems. 😉 xo



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