Oh the monotony…

Do you ever find sometimes that life seems to be the same day, over and over and over again? The same routines, the same food, the same schedule.

That is what my life is like right now and I am starting to feel stir crazy.

They say that it’s good to do something a bit different every day so that our brains are always forming new pathways and keeping our minds fit. I think that is a great idea, because the monotony of doing the same thing over and over and over again…it makes me think, what am I doing with my life?

Don’t get me wrong, I thrive in structure and having a general routine, but I also enjoy things being a little bit different. For example, when I was substitute teaching, every day varied! It would usually be a different school every day. Sometimes I’d know the night before, but other times I would find out an hour before and have to rush off, through traffic, to the school. I would stress about it occasionally, but generally I enjoyed the changes in my daily routine.

I also grew up with a lot of change. We moved around a lot. I attended 12 different schools, 13 including university. My childhood was a fair amount of bouncing around to different houses and parts of the city. Unfortunately my family wasn’t one of those that traveled all over the world! Haha. Mostly within the same 3 cities.

I think that background has helped me to adapt to many situations that I’ve been in over the years, which I’m grateful for.

So, now when I’m faced with the invariability of my day, I need to brainstorm ways to keep my life spicy and interesting.

I think the first step is to look at what I want in my life. To have a passion to pursue and do it every day. Right now, I’m drifting along, doing my work, eating and sleeping. Thus the “boredom”. I think if I were to have a focus in my life, then even though my work days are long and the same, at least the time to myself would be filled with something different.

They say that changes can be made in our lives if we commit to them for 30 days. We can choose just one small thing that will make a change in our lives and help guide us toward being the people we want to be. Something like reading for 5 minutes. Or exercise for 5 minutes. Or blogging for 5 minutes 😉 And that’s all…just 5 minutes! We have 1, 440 minutes in our days…I think we can take 5 of those minutes and do something for ourselves. Don’t you think? Let’s get started! xo



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