Presence is more valuable than presents

It’s creeping up on that time of year again. The time of year where we all are suppose to scramble around and find every single person in our families presents, wrap them, put them under the tree and hope that they like them.

I’m trying to think of the presents that I’ve gotten over the years that were just…one time there was a really hideous pajama set. The bottom line is, I don’t need presents. The older that I get, the less I’m interested in receiving gifts. In receiving STUFF. Or choosing and searching for gifts for people. I am generally uninterested in the stress that it takes to go shopping trying to find those “perfect” gifts.

I can’t believe that I use to do it when I was in university! Not only did I buy a Christmas present for everybody in my closer family (which is about 15 people), I also bought birthday presents for 3 people, as there are 4 of us with birthdays in December (and we know what it’s like to get the ‘thoughtful’ all-in-one gift that people with birthdays near Christmas tend to get.)

I’m just not interested. If someone wants to take me out for a meal somewhere, I’d love that. That’s the type of present I love. Or I’ll never refuse a massage. Experience gifts can be pretty cool. But, I don’t expect it anymore. For my birthday either. I just…I don’t need it.

The best part of Christmas for me is the fact that it’s the one time of year that pretty much all of my close family gets together and we spend time eating, drinking and being merry. That “presence” of people showing up is worth more to me than any sweater or electronic gadget someone can buy.

Not everybody understands that thought and some people get really offended when don’t want to participate in gift giving. They accuse me of being cheap or lazy. And while I may also be those things, I just don’t see the value anymore of gifts. The gift of time is the most valuable, in my opinion. When people choose to spend their time with you, I think it’s the greatest thing that we often undervalue.

At the moment, most of my things are in boxes, so I’m living quite meagerly in terms of the clothing that I’m using etc. But, I’m okay. I really don’t miss it. Much. I am someone who likes quite a bit of variety, so sometimes it gets frustrating with such a lack of diversity in my closet here. It’s good practice though. Let go. Let it gooooo. We don’t need all of this stuff and think of how freeing it is to let it all go! 🙂 xo



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