What is that?

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced unusual feelings in your body. Like, one moment, you’re fine, and the next, you’re suddenly nauseous (and not due to pregnancy haha).  Or, you are walking and all of a sudden, there’s a twinge in your knee. Or you’re holding something heavy and your wrist suddenly aches. You look at your forehead and there’s a new line there that wasn’t there before.

I feel like it’s all a part of the aging process in a way. Some of it is…where your body was perhaps “naturally” strong, now it is deteriorating. I think, for me, I’ve been so use to my body doing so many things and with me doing little to no upkeep (like exercising, stretching etc). And nowadays, not so much.

It’s disconcerting to have it happen. And the older I get, the less energy I find I have to upkeep my body. Isn’t that the way…getting older is filled with so many things in terms of our bodies, that can be challenges.

The things I’ve found that help the most? Breathing. And water. Yes, yes…I know it sounds so simple, but it has helped me so many times when I’ve been feeling gross.

Our bodies are AMAZING. I really think the brain is powerful. And sometimes, mind over matter really works (along with doing as much as we can physically to take care of ourselves!)

I’ve had two experiences of this:

a) I was 17. I had booked a commercial in which I was one of the 2 main people. The night before the shoot, I was literally sick with everything: diarrhea, headache, cough, runny nose…maybe even puking. It felt like a mix of the flu and a cold. I talked to my agent and she said, “Well, I’m sure they can replace you.” HELL NO. So, I went to the…well, my mom went to the drugstore and got me every drug and I took them. I barely slept that night.

The next morning, my mom drove me to set, which was a huge house in Shaughnessy. I was sitting in the car, right outside the place and I felt like I was going to die. I felt so sick. But, I had a pep talk with myself and decided, I’m going to go in there and do the best that I can. I really want this and I don’t want to miss this opportunity. So, I took a deep breath, got out of the car, and worked between 8-12 hours (I don’t remember exactly how much, but it was overtime). Granted, I wasn’t feeling the best, but I totally did my job and rocked it! I missed out on the delicious crafty, but other than that, it was a good day.

b) I was in a Costa Rica with my roommate. I was 28. We had decided on a last minute trip because I found an amazing deal on a flight. We were heading to the Monteverde Rainforest, up in the mountains (we had just been at the beach). The bus ride up there was quite bouncy and a bit nausea-inducing, but I actually felt fine. Until we arrived. That night, I ate a soup and felt so exhausted. I think maybe it was a bit of food poisoning. I went to sleep that night late, and woke up early…we were suppose to be on the bus at 7am to head for an all-day hike and ziplining. I had taken charcoal in the night, to no avail. That morning, I woke up and felt like death. All I wanted to do was sleep and hopefully not have to run to the bathroom. I told my roommate to go ahead without me. Then I thought, What the hell? I’m in a COSTA RICA. About to head to a tropical RAINFOREST. Get up, get up!!! You can DO IT. So, somehow, and I honestly do not know how, I got up. Drank some water. And headed out on an all-day excursion. Which ended up being FANTASTIC.

These two situations stand out the most. I was so grateful to my body for allowing me to have those experiences, even though I didn’t feel well.

Right now, which is what inspired this post, I suddenly started feeling a bit nauseous. I’m not exactly sure why. I had a donut and a bit of another dessert around 2:30pm and then this mushroom coffee replacement drink that has a fair amount of sugar in it. Could it be the sugar? Or was it the fish at lunch? I’m not sure, but I often have stomach challenges here in Mexico. The water? I don’t know.

But, right now, I’m breathing deeply. And going to drink some more water. I know my body is strong and it will be okay. So grateful! xo



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