Parenthood: oh, the glamour!

I’m pretty sure nobody, in the history of parenthood, since the beginning of time, has ever called parenthood glamourous. Because it really isn’t. 😉

In my current job, I work with 11 month old babies full time (over full time). It has been a great insight into what actual parenting is like. Before this, the most time I’d ever spent with babies was with my friends’ kids for an afternoon. And I do have a lot of friends with kids!

Well, there is also the fact that my sisters (twins) were born when I was 9.5 years old. So, in a way, I was like their second mom. That was a long time ago though, so I don’t even remember that so well. I was thinking just now, did I change their diapers? Did I prepare bottles? I babysat them when I was 11, and they were 2.

But now…now that I’m an adult and actually considering having my own child(ren), it’s actually serious. Like, DO I actually want my own child?

I know there are people who actively choose not to have children. They are very clear that is not a part of their lives that they’re interested in. I know a couple that were really clear that they didn’t want children. Then…oops, they weren’t careful with the birth control and…they had a baby!

And they were so happy that they did! They even decided to have another child.

Tonight, one of the babies projectile vomited all over himself and me. Currently, I’m sitting here after already having had a shower, so I feel pretty good. However, I know that if it had been just me alone, who knows if I’d even have been able to have a shower?! I probably would have and put the baby in his chair, asleep in the bathroom with me. That would be my best guess off the top of my head! Ha.

The number one thing that I want when I have a child is to have a partner that will help me c0-raise said child. Ideally, I’d love to build a community of people where we help each other and raise our children together. Not like, living in a “hippy commune” where all of the children run around barefoot and with matted hair, but where our children all interact with each other and the parents are “aunts” and “uncles”, where all of the children feel comfortable going to other parents for help etc.

I hear that parenthood is very fulfilling. So far…I can understand. And I also can’t. Granted, these aren’t my children, so a lot of the decisions being made…all of the decisions being made aren’t my choice. Children are so much work though. The friends that are parents…their worlds revolve around their children. I was talking to my best friend on the phone the other night and her daughter was having a hard time going to sleep and was crying. Her husband was up there with her, so I figured that she’d be fine to continue our conversation, but she kept being distracted and eventually decided to go. At this point, I can’t understand that. I feel like, if I have a husband that I feel is capable (which hers is), then I’d let him be with her and not feel the need to go.

But, seriously, who knows, right? This is my hypothetical opinion based on the experiences I’ve had so far!

One thing I bet, parenthood seems like a huge, life-changing challenge, but one that is filled with so much love and worth it. Time will tell.

First step: find an awesome, loving baby-daddy. 🙂 Wish me luck! xo



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