My body is nobody’s body but mine

How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.-Karen Quan

A few hours ago, I was holding a baby and I suddenly felt some wetness on my hand…I looked down at the leg of my jeans and realized, Oh. His diaper has leaked and now I have pee all down my leg. <sigh>

Being around babies, you really need to let go of any squeamishness you may have around body fluids. I’ve had pee all over my clothes, my hands, my arms…Not my face. Yet. Poop as well. Vomit also.

It got me thinking…just about how prudish our societies are about bodily functions. I know a 23 year old Italian guy who told me that he had never heard a woman fart.

What? Seriously?? He should definitely not hang around with my family then.

I think, what’s the big deal?? I don’t love having pee, poop and vomit on me, but it’s fine. Wash it off. All humans fart. And they smell. What’s the big deal? Why do we need to make it a problem?

Then I started thinking about the body in general…how our society expects it to be a certain way. Like, women are suppose to be hairless from the nose down (allowing for only our eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on our head…that’s it!) Nose hair? Ew. Arm, armpit or leg hair? No. Butt hair, hair covering our genitals or nipple hair??? Obviously not. And some women are naturally quite hairless. And many men love that. So, as women, we feel pressured to rid ourselves of all of our hair.

However, on the other end of it, we are expected to have long, glorious, beautiful hair on our heads…long, luscious lashes and perfectly manicured eyebrows (no unibrows allowed unless you’re Friday Kahlo).

I think most women struggle with how we relate to our bodies. I see my body…and how I am not particularly taking care of it (by exercising, eating super healthy consistently or sleeping enough consistently). I also see how I’ve aged so much in the last year. Some women “embrace” their wrinkles.

But when you’re single???? Unless you want to find a man that is like 20 years older who doesn’t care about that superficial shit, then we have to maintain our young, vibrant looks. It’s disheartening. I think I’m okay looking. When I look at pictures of myself from 8 years ago, I think…wow! I use to be attractive! How did I not see that then?!

Our bodies are amazing machines. All of the functions that go on automatically, without us consciously controlling them? Fascinating.

I want to remember to love and appreciate my body. This is the physical shell that I’m in for my whole life, why not appreciate it and take care of it the best that I can? Imagine how good I’ll feel. xo



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