Lost in translation

It’s interesting being in a different country. Besides the fact that I’m speaking, relating and living in a different language, often the culture is different and how people relate to each other.

I was having a conversation with some girlfriends here about what dating is like in Mexico. The women I was talking to are from 26 years old to 34 (4 of them) and 3 of them are married, and one divorced. Basically, for them, dating is always a lead up to marriage. Even from the first date, the intention is that both are usually interested in something more serious. Whereas, dating in Canada is SO DIFFERENT. Many of the guys that I’ve dated are not anywhere interested in commitment. There are so many beautiful, successful and loving women that they think, Why would I a) put out any effort and b) commit to just one woman? I am noticing that more and more these days.

Then there’s also the driving and traffic. I sat in traffic yesterday for 2.5 hours just to spend 1 hour in the place I was going. That is insane! And the cars are going from here to here and all over. Chaos! Organized (ish) chaos!

The best part is learning the language of the “street”, also known as the common language. Some popular phrases: “No mames, guey”, or “pinche” used in various sentences to describe various things, “desmadre”etc.

It’s one thing to learn a language from growing up, perhaps with your family or consistently with friends living in a different country. It’s another thing to go to school and learn the language from the textbook, which usually results in the ability to read and write the language, but not really able to speak it. That’s why, since I am the latter with Spanish (learned it in high school/university), it has been a wonderful experience to really immerse myself and practice my Spanish.

People often ask me how to learn a language…where to start? Choose the language you want to learn and then go and practice it! Immerse yourself in it! If you’re about to travel somewhere, do even small daily things like Duolingo!!!

For me, being able to speak various languages really is a value in being able to communicate with more people in the world and gain an appreciation for different cultures. xo



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